White Collar Crime Case Studies

"White collar crime" is the polite name for non-violent financial crime.

So stealing by hacking into a computer is a white collar crime, stealing by hacking into the safe at a bank is not.

WhiteCollarCrimeCaseStudies.Com is a collection of cases relating to fraud, money laundering ( AML ), the financing of terrorism ( CFT ) and many other white collar crimes.

The case studies have been developed for use alongside the Quick To Learn More e-learning system (www.quicktolearnmore.com) from The Anti Money Laundering Network (www.antimoneylaundering.net).

Prosecutors argued that the fact of a police investigation should have made a solicitor suspicious

In the mid 1990s, shortly after the UK introduced counter-money laundering laws, prosecutors charged the first solicitor to be prosecuted for money laundering as a stand alone offence (i.e. not in conjunction with a predicate offence).

Mortgage financier jailed for Ponzi scheme

59 year old David Lee Hardin of Coto de Caza, California was the CEO and majority shareholder of a group of financial services companies specialising in home loans and various debt services. But he went off-piste, took investments in a dumb deal and stole the money. In July 2013, he was jailed for three years, five months.

Finance manager stole AUD20.7 million from his employer

Damian Victor O'Carrigan of Brisbane, Australia, worked for a company called Leighton Contractors. As the company's finance manager, he has payment signing privileges of up to AUD5 million.

Paedophile abused children then sold photos; FBI does not prosecute for money laundering.

It's not clear why the FBI chose to accept the offer of Peter Ruiz, 33, of San Bernardino, California to one count of possessing child pornography. For sure, he was sentenced to 25 years in jail.

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